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Updated: Apr 15, 2022

I took some time off posting any updates for numerous reasons, but one main reason is due to the "war" that is going on in Ukraine. Russians (even in the U.S) tend to be a bit of a target and it was best to stay quiet in the heat of the "events" going on.

The break and recent events made me realize how much the world and the people in it operate in fear. We are taught at a young age to fear the things around us and even who we want to become. We are essentially taught to fear becoming ourselves. I remember growing up and was constantly told to not do certain things in fear of how I may turn out. Essentially being controlled to operate in someone else's rule set. Sadly, many people realize their constraints when they are much older. I like to think that's why people have "mid life crisis" because its their awakening of the person they have not become and its undoing all of what they have been told is truth when the entire time they were avoiding their own truth.

I go more in this topic on my podcast. I am also excited to share I am now on Spotify and Apple Podcast :)


Apple Podcast:

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