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Christmas Break & Memories

Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks for checking out this week's update. For whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you were able to enjoy your time. As I reflect back on 2021, I had major growth opportunities personally, professionally, and physically. Additionally, I was able to accomplish one of my major life goals of writing a book, Coming to America: An Adoption Story.

For the holidays, I spent a couple days with my parents, visited a friend up in Georgia, and finished up with visiting friends in Tampa for New Years. While I visited my parents, I brought up my adoption as a talking point. My parents were able to find the adoption agency video they got of me. I am trying to convert the media file to where I am able to upload it for viewing. We were also able to find some pictures from when they went to Russia to adopt me. We talked about some memories. One in particular was when they first saw me and how black my finger tips were from climbing trees and picking walnuts. The kids and I in the orphanage had to be resourceful in the way we cracked open the walnuts as we didn't have many of the tools that Americans have to open walnuts. This story makes sense of why I am so resourceful, having learned it from an early age :)

While looking at photos from when my parents were in Russia, there was one in particular (see below) that struck me. It's an image showing me sitting down on the ground on a small mattress. There's about 8-12 "beds" on the floor. Think of a sleeping bag, we got to sleep like that everyday. No wonder I have back issues. But, in looking at myself in the photo, I somehow could connect to myself. I saw a little girl smiling. She was happy even in the most simple and unfavorable situation. I saw so much joy in her. That image struck me. For the days I don't feel accomplished, down on myself, and/or whatever mood, I can truly look back at this moment and tell myself, you're doing alright! I printed out the photo to keep with me. To remind me for when I am beating myself up and to humble myself.

Also, small little fun fact for those interested in Russian culture. Christmas is celebrated January 7th. Russia was on a different calendar, therefore, celebrating different days. However, since Christmas is widely known as December 25th, they observe it then, too. In my family, we only ever celebrated on December 25th.

If you're interested in more topics I discuss such as resolutions vs habits, feel free to check out my podcast and/or Youtube video. I wont make this blog post too long , going into the Resolution vs Habits.



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