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Coming to America: A JK Rowling Moment

My process to writing my book was unique. I went to a local coffee shop to work on "stuff"aka figuring it out what I needed to accomplish while having dedicated alone time. I ordered my coffee, vanilla iced cold brew, sat down and unpacked my bag with my laptop, pen and paper (fun fact, I always carry pen and paper to write my random thoughts and ideas and will drop ideas in a dedicated spot in my house). I sat down and sipped my coffee to figure out what I planned to work on first. Then it hit me, I got my paper out in front of me, divided the paper in quadrants with my pen and wrote down simple scenes in each box. I then flipped over the page and continued. About 8 pages, front and back, filled up. JK Rowling had this moment during her Harry Potter series writing. If not mistaken, she went into a pub and wrote her initial scripts. Perhaps our best work can be accomplished when there's no pressure.

Since I can remember, writing a book has always been a goal of mine. I always thought I would end up writing a novel of some sort about adoption or Russia. I would try to start but had nothing to really write about. I had ideas but could never get it down on paper. Being in the coffee shop and writing out a story in quadrants was the most information I had gotten on paper involving a book. I would have never guessed I would write a children's book but it is so fitting to start my author journey in that manner.

After doing my initial draft, I typed my thoughts on a computer, including illustration ideas and hired someone on Fiverr to do my illustrations. All said and done, the process took 2 months, including book revisions thanks to my awesome proof readers :)

My main intent in writing is to educate people about adoption, help kids and really anyone who has or will be adopted that you are not alone. There are others like you and likely have felt and/thought the same things. It is time to open up a taboo topic such as adoption.

I have also started doing audio and video for updates. I go more in-depth of this topic on my audio and video. Feel free to listen/watch.

I have started to do audio and video options as many people enjoy watching and listening updates. The audio and video are identical in story points and go more in-depth than the blog post.



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