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First Blog - The Book

I will make this one short and sweet as it is my first official blog post. I used to write everyday as a kid. It was a sense of calm in hard times. Life does not get easier. It challenges you everyday. And I seek for the calm that writing provides me. There is nothing like writing down what happens in your life than to look back after a year (or more) and see all that you have accomplished and powered through.

Recently, I published a children's book about adoption. A topic that I HATED talking about when I first came to the states. A topic that made me feel insecure, less loved, and ashamed. It has taken a ton of reflection, acceptance, and even meditation (that's more recent) to get to a point where talking about adoption is acceptable and even therapeutic. I realized I was not alone in such a taboo topic. I wanted to help those who were going or will be going through the adoption process more than I wanted to hide behind the topic. The book is geared for 5+ years old and has illustrations. Writing it was a very interesting process. That will be a future blog post :)

Check out the book on Amazon or site store. Enjoy!

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