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First Class

Recently I had to fly for work. As I am in line to board the plane, my phone app updates and notifies me I was upgraded to first class. I was a bit confused. I refreshed a couple times and it still showed me in first class. I walk up to the gate counter and mention I was in Main Cabin 1 and now its showing me in First Class, "is this a glitch"? I wanted to make sure it wasn't a glitch and that I wasn't moved into someone's seat. Sure enough, I was upgraded and it was indeed my seat for that flight. I boarded and sat in first class for the very first time in my life. It was amazing. The food was fantastic, the room, everything, it was a great experience. My first thought, though, when I sat down in my first class ticket was the first time I ever flew. I recalled the childhood memory of flying from Russia to America as a child. I remember the amazement but fear of being in an airplane. A place and experience had never had. Now, here I am, in first class. I thought over my upbringing and the hard work to get to this point. Everyone is handed something tough in their life, it's all about how we choose to handle it. While my childhood wasn't a fairytale, I was fortunate enough to get an education and do something positive with my life. All the years of hard work was paying off and the first class experience was a small reward of the efforts.

I go more into this topic on my podcast below.


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