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Independence Day & 9/11

We are right around the corner from July 4th. This holiday is usually celebrated in terms of the amount of eating and drinking. I want to talk about my earliest memories celebrating the holiday but also incorporating 9/11.

Most people do not know this but I came to America 3-4 weeks before 9/11. I recall coming out to my childhood home sunroom. My mom had the news playing and watching the 9/11 events. At this point, I still couldn't speak English. I recall looking at the TV and my mom, she's crying. I had no clue what was going on but I knew something bad was occurring. It doesn't take an American or English speaking to understand the sad energy in the room. I was so fortunate to have made it to America prior to 9/11. I would have unlikely made it to America had the adoption been prolonged. I celebrate the amount of years in America as many years have passed since the event.

How does 9/11 tie to 4th of July? For one, I take great pride in America. I am grateful I get to respect the national anthem and flag. I am so fortunate to even have the ability to pay respects to the country and the men and women who served this country to protect us. 4th of July is a reminder of our independence and the opportunity of freedom we get everyday. Not every country has that. Sometimes we forget the reason behind the holiday. We get carried away partying.

I go more into the background in my podcast:



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