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Most people do not know that I was terrified of dogs when I first came to America. I am not sure if something happened in the orphanage but upon my arrival to America, I was absolutely petrified of my parent's dog, golden retriever named Shelley. She was the sweetest dog but it took me time and luring of gum to warm up to her. Over the years, the family housed many other animals including cats and birds. With time, I warmed up to Shelley and soon became a fan of dogs and animals. When I was older, I even got my own dog. Getting my dog was similar to my own adoption story. I initially wanted a Pomsky (mix of Pomeranian and husky) but logistics fell through. I saw a Shiba Inu. I ended up getting him and he became my Charlie. Charlie makes an appearance in my book :) .

When I was younger, I asked my parents if I was their first choice for adopting and they said no; I was 3rd or 4th choice. While that hurt to hear as a kid, it is a bit funny to compare how I was adopted and the lack of primary choice compared to how I also got Charlie. He too wasn't my first choice. Sometimes what we want is not what's best for us. And Charlie was what was best for me. He's a fantastic fur-baby. He has been with me through my roughest times and I am grateful for him.

I go more into my story and Charlie adoption in my podcast.



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Charlie, my shiba inu dog.

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