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Punishment and Outback Paddle

I continue discussing my relationship with my adoptive mom. Growing up, I thought she had this vision of how parenting would be and how her kids would do whatever she said. As if she had the power for whatever she says, go's. I grew up with a mom who had very high expectations of how her kids would behave. I was a strong personality not always doing everything she said, but at times questioning why. My personality resulted in lots of punishment throughout my childhood. I ranged from getting spanked by her hand, with a belt and eventually what I called an "outback paddle". She had a wood board that resembled the Outback bread server. One day, the family went out to eat and I even belted out "look mom, its the paddle". I never saw her face so red and that was the last time I got the paddle :) But it resulted in getting punished by having to hold soap in my mouth, much like the kid in the Christmas story.

I go more into the topic on my podcast:



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