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Russian Vodka Part 2

Last week I discussed heading over to a friend's house to talk about his adoption story and opening a bottle of Russian vodka. This week's update is part 2 of the update.

This week I go over the tag-up that I had with my friend, who was also adopted. I am keeping his name anonymous due to an on-going project. Once it is released, the name will be public.

I met my friend through work. We were on the phone one day chatting when I notified him that I would be transitioning roles, no longer working together in the same department. I let him know that I was going to publish a book and he inquired what about. I let him know it would be a children's book about adoption. He then proceeded to let me know he was adopted, himself. I had worked with him for nearly 1.5 years and never knew that about him. Adoption is a topic that hardly ever gets brought up, but yet more common than we think.

Months pass and I kept getting the mental nudge to reach out to my friend and hear his adoption story. He has a very interesting military background and adding the adoption portion was quite interesting. He also has an adopted sister, both coming from different parents.

In the conversation with my friend, I saw a common trend of his parents who were very open talking to him about his adoption. His parents even encouraged finding his biological parents. However, he was clear that his adopted parents were his family and he was content. He had no plans to look for his biological parents. Each adoptee has a choice of what they want, to look or not. However, adoptee parents should provide the choice, and not hide it from their child. It is better to leave the option open than to not have the conversation and/or openness for the child to decide.

During our tag-up, we sat around and chatted, exchanged stories and tried the Russian vodka. It was smooth and strong. Better than most vodka's I have tasted in America, but I could be bias :P

I go more into the topic via



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