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Sibling Comparison

Growing up, I got a common question of whether I felt compared to my siblings since they were biological and I wasn't. My younger self would say "Absolutely" but as an adult I realize of course I would be since I am a different personality than my siblings. Most vividly, I recalled being compared in disciplinary actions but also in education. My mom attended college as a Nuclear Engineer. When we got older, she realized the education system lacked certain topics. We ended up being homeschooled. Most people think homeschoolers don't do anything but that's far from the truth. We were graded hard and still had to take state tests. We just took other subjects that others may not have taken throughout their high school time. My mom was the initial grader and I recall her giving me poor grades because I was not an "A" student in her mind. I was also told I would not get into a certain university because I was not smart enough while my siblings were celebrated as being smart and likely to get scholarships.

I go more into this topic on my podcast:



With my siblings

Left to Right: Sister, brother, me

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