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The Power of Words

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

For the next couple episodes, I am going to target discussing my upbringing and relationship with my adoptive mother. I struggled to have a positive relationship with her due to indifference of personalities. There are many topics I avoided discussing due to the triggers of memories. But I realize, its important to get that out. I want to help people realize adoption is not always magical and how incredibly powerful parenting is for a child, good, bad, and in between. Parents and really all people need to realize the power of their words and the impacts it has on people. The hardest thing I faced was hearing the phrase, when my mom and I were arguing, yet again, and her saying to me," if it wasn't me and your Dad, you'd be a sex slave in Russia". That phrase stung and I felt as if I would always be looked at as owing her something. I shut down emotionally from having a relationship with her and not trusting people.

I go more into this personal topic on my podcast:



Meeting my adoptive mom in Russia.

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