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You're Remembering Wrong

As a kid, I used to have vivid nightmares and memories. I tried to communicate these to my adoptive mom but did not have proper English to convey it to where should could understand me. But even when I did learn enough English, my mom was not open to hearing my memories. I had a memory of being taken away from the orphanage going to different ballets and events. I saw and experienced things I should not have as a child. This even was a result of not wanting to be touched including hugs. This even became a game to my siblings and mom of forcing me to hug them and them hugging me. With all this, she did not want to listen to my memories and I was told I remembered wrong. She wanted to shut down my memories. I want to assume its to focus on good memories rather than what happened in Russia.

I go more into this on my podcast:



Fishing (in the far back) with my family when I was about 8

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